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Journey Well Study: Explore Your Deepest Needs and How to Meet Them

by Laurie Krieg

Laurie was a Christian from an amazing Christian family. She was also in a same-sex relationship. Laurie didn't fit her own stereotypes of a "homosexual lifestyle." Although she knew the theology of God's design for marriage (and even believed it!), she didn't think she could live it out without hating herself. Laurie finally reached a point where she was going to either kill herself or come out as a lesbian atheist, but then someone came alongside her. This someone, Carolyn, walked alongside Laurie not with Leviticus 18, 1 Corinthians 6, or Romans 1, but heart-to-heart. What was that discipleship journey? How can you walk it out as yourself, alongside a loved one, or in a group? Grab the Journey Well Study and accompanying videos here.

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