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The RCA Gospel Alliance

The RCA Gospel Alliance
Sep 12
, 2017
Faith Church

Preston will speak at at the Reformed Church of America's Gospel Alliance conference this September. The conference is focused on exploring questions on faith, sexuality, and gender from a theological and ministry context. The Gospel Alliance is a movement of covenant partners who are engaging leaders and communities with the transforming message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in order to make more and stronger disciples. To learn more about this organization, please visit

The RCA Gospel Alliance


September 12

  • 1:00pm Session 1: Multiplying Churches
  • 2:30pm Session 2: Diversity / Session 3: Missional Effectiveness
  • 7:00pm Keynote Session: Preston Sprinkle: "People to Be Loved"

September 13

  • 8:30am Session 4: Marital Union - Preston Sprinkle / Session 5: Leadership Development
  • 10:15am Session 6: Strengthening Churches / Session 7: Mercy & Justice
  • 11:30am Lunch
  • 12:30pm Future of the RCA (optional session)

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